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Small Business Domain Name Registration, Renewals, and Transfers

A Small Business Domain Name Registration is the purchase and registration of a Small Business' Domain Name which identifies your website. Small Business Domain Name Renewals are the continued Registration of a Domain Name past its expiration date, usually annually. Small Business Domain Name Transfers are the moving of existing Small Business' Domain Name(s) from one ICANN Registrar to another, in this case from your current ICANN Registrar to Hudacko Enterprises.

What are Domain Names

All websites throughout the world are identified with a numerical value, e.g., that corresponds to the physical computer on which it runs, however, you can imagine how difficult it would be to connect to eBay, or Microsoft, or Hudacko Enterprises if you had to remember their numerical addresses. So a cross reference has been developed to match a numerical value to a more readable form, Domain Names.
For instance, our website, is located on a server at the numerical address,, but it's much easier to remember, than it is to remember
Domain Names are maintained by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).
The cost for registering a Domain name varies based upon the 'extension' or "Top Level Domain" reference. For '.org' domains, the current cost is $8.99* per year.
* - Prices are subject to change based upon ICANN directives.
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